The History of Alisa's International Doll Art

Alisa's International Doll Art was started as a business in 1992. The aim of the business was to find the best sculptors of doll art for the discerning collector. Throughout the following years Alisa looked for the best artists she could find in their particular genre.

The artists Alisa chose had to fulfill specific criteria:
  1. They had to be experienced doll artists for at least four to five years.
  2. Their work should be as problem-free as possible, so they had to be very knowledgeable about the different clays they used.
  3. Their work had to be original, unique, interesting, touching and emotionally fulfilling.
  4. Fabrics, wigs, eyes and accessories should be of outstanding quality.
  5. The artists must stand behind their work.
  6. They must have integrity and not offer their original doll art to be reproduced commercially.

Alisa in return offers the artists freedom, respect and compensation, oftentimes before the work is completed. This enables the artist to do outstanding work without financial limitations. This means no consignment.

Alisa, a collector herself for almost 40 years, truly understands the collectors. Since most of the work she does with her artists is commissioned, Alisa and the artist work together as a team, brainstorming weeks at a time discussing concepts. Of course the artist always has the last word.

Collectors who call Alisa will find they are treated like an individual. A great deal of time is spent understanding what a particular collector wants.

The work Alisa's sells is fine museum-level art, honestly priced.

Business Policy

- Individual Lay-a-ways available!
- Lay-a-ways paid within 3 months will get free shipping.
- A 20% deposit is appreciated to hold a desired doll.
- If a doll on lay-a-way is cancelled, a credit slip will be offered.

Happy Collecting!