Polymer Clay Dolls

  • Anna Brahms

    Anna Brahms For over 30 years Anna Brahms has sculpted amazing doll art. Seen in many museums and galleries world wide. She works in polymer clay and her dolls capture an ethereal look that touches one's sole.

  • Jamie Williamson

    Jamie Williamson An incredible artist, working in polymer clay. Her work is done with flawless beauty and sensitivity that captures ones imagination. Her creative work touches your heart regardless of theme.

  • Portraits in Polymer

  • Lorna Miller-Sands

    Lorna Miller-Sands Acclaimed portrait artist of children in polymer clay. Her dolls have graced the covers of numerous doll magazines for 23 years. She has won numerous awards for her amazing life like creations.

  • Porcelain Dolls

  • Hildegard Gunzel

    Hildegard Gunzel - COMING SOON
    Renowned Artist and Icon for 40+ Years in the Industry.

  • Sylvia Weser

    Sylvia Weser A Genius in costume design that enhances her magnificent limoge porcelain sculptures. She has been creating her fine doll art for 25 years, sold worldwide. EXCLUSIVE USA RETAILER!

  • Lyle Wong

    Lyle Wong is an incomparable porcelain Asian doll artist who does unique doll art. His dolls are usually in porcelain with beautiful costume design with unique coloring and themes.

  • Wooden dolls

  • Hanna Kahl-Hyland

    Hannah Kahl-Hyland

  • Wax dolls

  • Juanita Montoya

    Juanita Montoya is a perfectionist and will work on a piece until she it satisfied with it. The realism of her faces, the quality of her fabric and her costume design are an experience.